Auto Insurance is the single, most valuable contract asset a vehicle owner can possess in today’s world. The best car insurance companies provide a range of options, right from high-end policies to low rate car insurance. The best car insurance holds its primary characteristic of covering any bodily damages or passenger injuries that may occur in the event of an accident. Though this coverage is solely dependent on whether the accident occurs within the scope of the legal insurance contract, almost all states in USA have enforced mandatory purchase of an auto vehicle insurance.

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How we have researched


A list of car insurance companies offer their coverage for varying costs. While the average cost paid by one in the United States of America for a car insurance is approximately $1000, the premiums paid by most insurance holders differ wildly on the basis of the contract’s tenure, coverage schemes as well as the insurance provider. We, at Auto Lowest Quote, have collected data from websites of the market’s top insurance providers to bring you the best affordable car insurance.

The monthly insurance rates vary state-wise as well. In states that have a track record of higher crime rates, insurance companies are bound to charge more premium than in states that witness lesser accidents.

Apart from the state-wise distribution, low cost car insurances are usually offered to people residing in the higher spectrum of the general demographic.

Insurance applicants that are young are charged significantly more for a coverage scheme because of the common notion that most young adult drivers are notoriously dangerous and are more likely to damage their car. We have compiled data from a range of resources and have presented it here considering every contributing cost factor.

Customer Service

Customer is king. In the insurance market, the timing of delivery of service is rather uncertain. Some customers might need to claim their policies within a month of them signing up for it while some might never use it at all. Since the service provided by insurance firms comes after the customer has paid for it, it is highly essential for a firm to offer the best customer service possible.

We have segregated firms that offer the best customer service along with low cost auto insurance policies.

Financial Stability

Insurance policies usually revolve around the premium amounts to be paid at the set discount rates within the duration of the claim. While there are a lot of options available via different insurance firms, the right policy indicates the perfect mix of a suitable discount and premium amount.

We, at Auto Lowest Quote, always strive to deliver to you the best options when it comes to selecting the best cheap car insurance without compromising on the quality and coverage of the scheme. We believe that insurance resonates with the concept of stability.

Accidents can be expensive. Even though it’s just a dent, repair costs could shoot into a couple of hundred dollars. This is where insurance claims work in the favor of the customer. Although it’s not in the best interests of the firm to cash out most policies, they are designed in a manner that offers financial stability to you, the customer, in case of an expensive accident or unfortunate event.

Researching Cost


Premiums are the lifeblood of every insurance policy. They are a set of monetary instalments that you, the customer, are expected to pay to your insurer in order to keep the policy alive. While the amount of these premiums varies largely according to the policy insurer and the concerned scheme chosen, keeping up with premiums is very important.

Due to this vagueness about the premiums, we offer you an extensive collection of premiums that the biggies in the insurance industry ask for, so that you can distinguish clearly and choose the best policy for your needs and purpose.

Premiums are usually paid in chunks every 3 or 6 months. Some insurers relay a discount if the customer pays the entire premium upfront.

Insurance companies check a ton of factors before deciding the premium amount. Your driving records, age, how often do you take the car out for a drive; everything is calculated by the insurer before asserting the premium amount.


Discounts are a means to decrease the monthly premiums a customer owes the insurance company. There are a lot of contributing factors when it comes to offering discount rates. Companies tend to offer higher discounts to individuals based on the safety equipment in their vehicles. Presence of ABS, air bags, efficient fuel consumption and the likes tend to attract higher discounts.

Insurance is a business, after all. Companies hence, often offer higher discount rates to customers who combine a couple of policies like say, auto and home. Customers who join their policies are often rewarded by the firm with larger discounts.


There are different types of policies available that each offer a varying degree of coverage. A Body Injury Liability covers body injuries and damage to the policyholder and their kin if they are involved in an accident with him. A Property Liability is bound to cover the costs the policyholder may have caused to the opposite party’s property. This not only includes the car, but also the curb, lampposts and signposts.

We provide you with a comprehensive list of all the policies available via insurance firms along with the coverage each scheme puts on the table.

State Requirements

The rising risk of untoward road accidents has enforced the legality of auto insurances and widened the scope as a means to safeguard traffic. Every state has made it mandatory to insure one’s automobile in order to claim the legal status to drive. The state of New Hampshire allows persons to drive without a car insurance, but the person must prove to be financially stable.

The minimum state requirement makes sure the policy covers bodily injury and property damage dependent on the frequency of the policy chosen. Any auto vehicle is not legally allowed to drive in the absence of an insurance.

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